Embrace the creative chaos 

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Educational pathways to school readiness and beyond for busy mums of little learners – toddlers to teens

Your guide to creating a successful start to big school

Are you a busy mum who believes in providing the best learning opportunities

for your kids, and values the quality time spent with them?

You long to find:

a variety of inspired learning activities, catering to your child’s individual learning needs

budget-friendly hacks for DIY craft at home

quick, easy educational resources to download and start right NOW!

So you can help build stepping stones to school readiness and beyond

Activities to stimulate your child’s creativity, learning and development, or simply to keep them out of mischief.

Embrace the chaos and turn those tears of terror into learning joy!

Creative Mum Life offers you a collection of: businesses who provide services, products you can buy and DIY learning resources you can do at home.

We arm you with the creative tools to make your child’s learning journey full of inspiring, fun experiences so they can learn, develop and connect with you. Here’s how we can help you.

Buy inspired educational products in our Shop, catering to the individual learning needs of your child, and have them delivered to your door.
Search businesses who provide done-for-you learning services, plus fun educational experiences in our Learn And Grow Services Hub.
Download quick and easy Free Learning Resources to DIY at home with your little learners, and start right now! 

Hi I’m Nicole, a mummy juggler just like you!

My mission through Creative Mum Life is to support mums like you to make great choices by connecting you with a range of educational activities for your kids.

To encourage learning. 

To encourage development.

To encourage fun.

All whilst spending quality time together with your child.

As a mum of two girls aged 5 and 3, I know all to well that if you don’t keep them busy they will find their own busy-ness doing something mischievous!

I developed Creative Mum Life, to help make it easier for mums (just like me), to find inspiration and activities to do together at home.

“Such a great site with so many cool ideas. love it!”

– Caroline P

“I’ve seen so many great ideas for fun crafts on this site. Having somewhere I can always go for inspiration is great, and keeps the kids happy too!”

– Jessica O

“Creative Mum Life, you do a great job at providing ideas that every parent needs to keep little ones busy, entertained, learning, nourished, and more. Thanks for the inspo!”

– Clare H

Are you an Australian creative small business that caters to the learning needs of toddlers to teens?

Do you want access to an engaged community of mums looking for exactly what it is you sell?

My mission is to partner with businesses and provide marketing opportunities, so we can grow your brand together, and help thousands of mums along the way. Want to know more?

Let’s take the stress and the mess out of play time.


No time to get creative? No problem. We’ve got plenty of businesses that can do it for you!

Learn more about how to promote creative learning together with your child
Top Tips for Choosing Your Child’s High School

Top Tips for Choosing Your Child’s High School

​Your child has or is about to, commence primary school, and it’s at around this stage that you start thinking about your child’s future education, in particular, high school.

It is an exciting and nerve racking time when it comes to your child finishing primary school. It means that they are off to the big world of high school and a lot will change once they become a high school child.

There are bound to be a lot of questions being asked and things going through your head.

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Christmas crafting with your favourite little people

Christmas crafting with your favourite little people

Following the gift-giving experience, of unleashing the surprises inside the beautiful packages, little ones will be busy playing with all their new toys and enjoying testing them out.

Eventually, the excitement starts to subside…this is the perfect time to create a keepsake piece of art, by recycling the Christmas gift wrapping paper and accessories!

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Understanding the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme

Understanding the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme

Dental health is very important and it’s something that we need to continue to teach our children about and educate them on the benefits of.

Medicare has come out with a child dental benefits scheme, that can make going to the dentist a little more affordable and less stressful for you. You may have heard about it, but perhaps wondered what it is and how it all works (in plain English please!)

If your child is eligible for the Medicare Dental Benefits Scheme then you should definitely take advantage of it, and get any dental treatment done for your child that you may have been putting off.

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