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Educational pathways to school readiness and beyond for busy mums of little learners – toddlers to teens

Your guide to creating a successful start to big school

Are you a busy mum who believes in providing the best learning opportunities

for your kids, and values the quality time spent with them?

You long to find:

a variety of inspired learning activities, catering to your child’s individual learning needs

budget-friendly hacks for DIY craft at home

quick, easy educational resources to download and start right NOW!

So you can help build stepping stones to school readiness and beyond

Activities to stimulate your child’s creativity, learning and development, or simply to keep them out of mischief.

Embrace the chaos and turn those tears of terror into learning joy!

Creative Mum Life offers you a collection of: done for you activity kits, mindfulness products and DIY learning resources you can do at home.

We arm you with the creative tools to make your child’s learning journey full of inspiring, fun experiences so they can learn, develop and connect with you. Here’s how we can help you.

Buy inspired educational products in our Shop, catering to the individual learning needs of your child, and have them delivered to your door.
Download quick and easy Free Learning Resources to Do-It-Yourself at home with your little learners, and start right now! 
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  • This printable Christmas Colouring Bundle includes all of the best-selling Christmas craft templates

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  • Fun ideas to entertain the kids that involve learning activities

    Boredom Busters Ebook

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  • Developing Early Literacy through play based learning

    Developing Early Literacy Through Play Ebook

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Hi I’m Nicole, a mummy juggler just like you!

My mission through Creative Mum Life is to support mums like you to make great choices by connecting you with a range of educational activities for your kids.

To encourage learning. 

To encourage development.

To encourage fun.

All whilst spending quality time together with your child.

As a mum of two girls aged 7 and 5, I know all to well that if you don’t keep them busy they will find their own busy-ness doing something mischievous!

I developed Creative Mum Life, to help make it easier for mums (just like me), to find inspiration and activities to do together at home.

“Such a great site with so many cool ideas. love it!”

– Caroline P

“I’ve seen so many great ideas for fun crafts on this site. Having somewhere I can always go for inspiration is great, and keeps the kids happy too!”

– Jessica O

“Creative Mum Life, you do a great job at providing ideas that every parent needs to keep little ones busy, entertained, learning, nourished, and more. Thanks for the inspo!”

– Clare H

Are you an Australian creative small business that caters to the learning needs of toddlers to teens?

Do you want access to an engaged community of mums looking for exactly what it is you sell?

My mission is to partner with businesses and provide marketing opportunities, so we can grow your brand together, and help thousands of mums along the way. Want to know more?

Let’s take the stress and the mess out of play time.


No time to get creative? No problem. We’ve got plenty of products that can do it for you!

Learn more about how to promote creative learning together with your child
16 Backyard Nature Play Activities To Teach Resilience

16 Backyard Nature Play Activities To Teach Resilience

As our beaches, playgrounds and schools close we need to adjust our daily activities. This substantial change can leave us and our children stressed and anxious. Research shows that being immersed and connected to nature can reduce the effect of these emotions on our mind and body.

As parents, we need to encourage our children to get outside and explore their natural spaces, backyard or communal garden to find a sense of calm.

Here are a few activities to have your children engaged in nature play.

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Creative Mum Life – Behind the Scenes with Monique Peters

Creative Mum Life – Behind the Scenes with Monique Peters

Brain Wise Learning is a parent-driven business to help other parents of struggling learners.
My son struggled with learning. He started Kindergarten on par with everyone else, but by Year 4 was falling well behind everyone else. There were so many misunderstandings, he wasn’t finishing his tasks, homework was a nightmare and I was getting more worried and stressed. He didn’t have dyslexia, he passed hearing tests and assessments brought up different results. When I read the book The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr Norman Doidge, everything changed.

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26 Activities To Keep Your Kids Stimulated At Home

26 Activities To Keep Your Kids Stimulated At Home

As someone with two young kids who works from home and also has a part-time job, the next few weeks won’t be easy, to say the least.

We are currently experiencing times that are going to hard for many of us. Although I consider myself to be an introvert, avoiding other people in real life sounds so strange.

Social distancing is our new reality.

I’m sure even the most creative among us will eventually run dry on ideas, so I’ve pulled together the ultimate list of things you can do with your kids at home.

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