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Castle & Kite

Mini Beasts Craft Box!
Craft Boxes!
George Car!
Education Packs!
Personalised Name Writing Pack!
Castle & Kite
Craft Fun!
Farm Craft Box!
Farm Craft Box!
Birthday Party Pack!
Weather Craft Box!
Castle & Kite
Mini Beasts Craft Box!Craft Boxes!George Car!Education Packs!Personalised Name Writing Pack!Castle & KiteCraft Fun!Farm Craft Box!Farm Craft Box!Birthday Party Pack!Weather Craft Box!Castle & Kite
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Queensland, Australia

Castle & Kite was founded in 2017 by Melissa, Teacher and Mum of two, and Alana, Pharmacist and Mum of two. Melissa and Alana’s inspiration for their company, their products and their content is their children.

Castle & Kite are passionate about playtime and early childhood development opportunities that inspire children to explore real-world experiences be it through role-play, self-expression, art or creativity.

Both Melissa and Alana design and produce their products as well as write content via their blog and social media, about childhood development topics, specifically focusing on early childhood education and health promotion advocacy.

Castle & Kite’s Products
•Craft boxes
•Educational packs
•Wooden toys
•Heirloom wooden push toys

Castle & Kite’s CRAFT BOXES are full of engaging activities that take the mess, stress and organisation out of craft time! Craft has so many social, emotional and academic benefits and these boxes are designed to provide fun and educational benefits as children experience exciting new themes each month.

What can your child learn from doing craft activities?
- Bilateral coordination
- Fine motor skills
- Literacy and numeracy skills
- Creative thinking
- Problem-solving
- Bonding and fun
- Self-regulation and patience
- Confidence and self-esteem
- Role play opportunities

Castle and Kite’s range also extends to Educational Packs and wooden toys. Castle and Kite’s gorgeous heirloom push toys are a real statement piece in the home and can be enjoyed in play for generations to come.

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