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Project Amy – Your extra pair of hands

  1. Home
Declutter and organise your home before the kids toys take over.
Personal Assistant
Your extra pair of hands
Project Amy
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8 Craigavon Street, Warner QLD, Queensland, Australia 4500

Does your home look like a toy bomb went off?

What if you could: have a decluttered & organised home before your kid's 'things' completely take over?

Hi there!

My name is Amy and I'm the creator of Project Amy, located in Brisbane, Queensland. I'm your go-to girl, your one-stop-shop, your extra pair of hands to get the "stuff" done.

I offer home decluttering and organisation and put systems in place for you and even your little ones to keep everything organised, tidy and visual appealing. I work with what you already have around the home but also love sourcing new storage solutions and providing labelling.

I'll even put systems in place for the kiddies, so picking up their toys and putting away their clothes can be fun!

I also offer Personal Assistant services like errand running, gift buying and those in-between tasks you don't have time to get to.

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