There is nothing more exciting for little ones than sharing Christmas morning with their family.

They wake up bursting with energy, charging towards mum and dad’s room letting them know, ‘It’s Christmas…It’s Christmas’, before making a B-line straight for the Christmas tree!

The beautiful sight that awaits them, is truly a memorable one. The festive tree housing beautiful gifts of all sizes, lovingly wrapped in colourful paper, curly ribbons and shiny bows.

Following the gift-giving experience, of unleashing the surprises inside the beautiful packages, little ones will be busy playing with all their new toys and enjoying testing them out.

Eventually the excitement starts to subside…this is the perfect time to create a keepsake piece of art, by recycling the Christmas gift wrapping paper and accessories!


  • Christmas Tree Printable (Download here!)
  • Christmas wrapping paper of various patterns
  • Glue stick
  • Shiny gift bows
  • Coloured sticker dots (available at cheap shops for $2)
  • Glitter glue (available at Kmart $3 for a pack of 20!)

Prep ahead of time

To enable little ones to get stuck into creating their art, we recommend taking a few minutes to prepare the materials.

  • Download and print 2 copies of the Christmas Tree Printable, either 2 x A4 or 2 x A3 size (per child)
  • With ONE of the copies, cut out the inside shape of the Christmas Tree, leaving the outside area in one piece. Do this, by making a snip in the centre of the tree shape, then cut along the outline
  • Cut the wrapping paper into strips approximately 1 ½ – 2 cms wide.


Now you are ready to get the kids involved!

Step 1.  Add glue across the entire page of the UNCUT printable, then ask your child to cover the Christmas tree with the wrapping paper strips (encouraging them to stick the strips horizontally)

Step 2.  Once the Christmas Tree image is fully covered with the wrapping paper strips, add glue to the back of the CUT printable.

Step 3.  Line up the two pages, and stick the CUT printable directly on top of the UNCUT one, resulting in the wrapping paper strips showing through the Christmas Tree shape.

Step 4.  Cut off any extra wrapping paper strips extending past the paper edge.

Step 5.  Your child can then enjoy decorating their Christmas Tree with the sticker dots to resemble baubles, glitter glue or ribbon to resemble tinsel, and shiny gift bows to resemble the star on top of the tree!

Creative Tip

Why not make the Christmas Tree Art shine for the remainder of the festive season, as well as for future ones, by placing it into a frame and hanging on the wall for all to admire! You can purchase great coloured frames from IKEA from just under $2 each, and simply remove the plastic cover (to avoid flattening the decorations).

Creative Mum Life’s philosophy for art education…At the end of the day, it’s not the end result that is important, it’s the process.

Therefore, if your child developed a new skill, enjoyed the experience, and shows pride in THEIR results, then your job is done!

Nicole is a mum of two girls aged 5 and 3, made to order cook, cleaner, crafts organiser and family budget manager. In between cups of coffee, you will usually find her assisting a toddler with the toilet, cleaning food scraps off the floor and basically trying to keep her mini-me’s alive. She knows all too well that if you don’t keep them busy they will find their own busy-ness, by doing something mischievous!

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