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Inspiring Parent | Auditory Processing Expert | Creative Mum Life Service Provider


Introduce yourself and let us know what your business is all about. ​

Brain Wise Learning is a parent-driven business to help other parents of struggling learners. Many children and adults struggle to learn because of auditory processing problems, so we provide neuroscience programs and products, that provide targeted practice for memory, attention, processing and sequencing of speech sounds called phonemes. Brain research from the last 30-40 years has confirmed that weak neural pathways can be strengthened, so our evidence-based programs are being used by speech pathologists and schools worldwide to improve listening, speech, spelling, reading and comprehension. And thanks to technology, you can now do these programs at home.


Share with us how your business began and the passion behind it all. 

My son struggled with learning. He started Kindergarten on par with everyone else, but by Year 4 was falling well behind everyone else. There were so many misunderstandings, he wasn’t finishing his tasks, homework was a nightmare and I was getting more worried and stressed. He didn’t have dyslexia, he passed hearing tests and assessments brought up different results. When I read the book The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr Norman Doidge, everything changed. Learning that children no longer needed to be considered “dumb” anymore was so inspiring for me. I worked a few years later with the speech pathologist that brought one of these programs to Australia. I saw so many children improve in their learning that I decided to work on a business model that allowed me to reduce the costs and bring it more families, especially in my local area.


What do you utterly love most about what you do?

​The hope. Knowing that you can improve cognitive skills like memory and sequencing is a real game-changer, as they underpin so many abilities that we take for granted. What I really love is when a child’s confidence goes up. They want to read more, they socialise better and they often become more organised. Sometimes they don’t even notice it, because the changes happen microscopically over a 3 month period, but Mum notices, and so do the teachers.


How has your business helped mums overcome their challenges?

​Having a parent who understands what it’s like to live with the challenges of a struggling learner really helps. I know I felt like I was powerless at the time, forced into assessments costing over $1,000, spending sleepless nights researching ways to keep him off medication and not wanting to send him to school anymore where the teachers or the children didn’t understand him. A program that can be done at home is also more convenient than having to attend an office.


Tell us a randomly delicious thing about you not already all over the internet?

​When I was 23, I travelled around Africa and spent the better part of a day with the wild gorillas in Zaire, now Congo. It wasn’t long after the movie Gorillas In The Mist and it was amazing.


What’s next for you, your brand and your business?

I’ve recently launched a Facebook group for mums of struggling learners who would like to explore evidence-based neuroscience programs and products​. It’s called Hope For Struggling Learners Australia.


Do you have a special discount or offer you would like us to share with our followers?

​Not at the moment, but keep an eye out!

Realising that there was a need for support in my area of Camden, Campbelltown and Wollondilly, I began my own business in July 2018 as Learning Well Macarthur, and have recently rebranded as Brain Wise Learning to market to the wider areas of Sydney. I receive a lot of support from my son, who is now 18 and venturing into the business world himself, and from my husband, friends and family.

The mission of Brain Wise Learning is to increase awareness about auditory processing, bring hope to struggling learners and their parents, challenge outdated thinking on how well the brain can learn and develop a growth mindset in anyone who wants to enjoy learning all over again to live a more satisfying, fulfilled life.

I feel privileged to bring a mother’s perspective, with all her frustration, worry and hope from everything I’ve learned in nearly two decades, into something that you may just find very helpful.

Connect with her on all the usual online social places and at her Brain Wise Learning website.

Send a message to Monique to book a free consultation to see if these products are right for you and your child.

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