Reach an engaged community

of busy mums 


They’re searching for exactly what it is you sell

You could be showcasing your products directly to them

You could have a marketing solution as easy as ABC.

Even if you’ve been finding it hard keeping up with the workload and you think you don’t have time.

Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed with how to effectively promote your business.

Even if you’re challenged with how to convert shoppers to purchase.

You already know building connections with an engaged community of mums will supercharge your business growth. 

So here’s the thing. What if you could:

Have customers purchase all your things from multiple sources? (not just your store, but ours too)


    • Share your key message with thousands of Aussie mums?
    • Receive business support to achieve your goals?

    You’re ready to showcase your products. Cast your net to reach a greater mummy community. And. Get. Noticed.

    You just need the Creative Mum Life Shop.

“Our business needed Creative Mum Life when we were just starting out. We didn’t have much of a marketing budget but we needed content and a way to get our product – Kids Craft Boxes out to a wider audience. The packages that Creative Mum Life provided were perfect for what our business needed at this time. Nicole is a great connection to have in the kids/baby/creative industry.

We’ve loved working with her!”

Alana & Liss

Castle & Kite


The Creative Mum Life Marketplace is designed for busy Australian mums (like me), who are looking for products catering to the individual learning needs of their children, and to have them delivered right to their door.

Kids need a lot of things. Mums are the lucky ones who get to buy all the things.

At Creative Mum Life we love to help busy mums make these important decisions.  

Get Noticed.

Here’s what your business can achieve

  • Increased brand awareness and new customers purchasing all your things.
  • Have your products found on Google, with search engine optimised product descriptions.
  • Greater referrals through promotion and collaboration opportunities.
  • More sales with less marketing!  Reach a targeted audience without the cost or hassle of social media or Google advertising.
  • More time to do the things you love to do in your business.

What’s Included?

  • Feature an unlimited number of products in the Creative Mum Life shop.
  • Social Media promotion to share product benefits with thousands of Australian mums.
  • Promotion and collaboration opportunities with like-minded businesses.
  • Support from Nicole, every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Australian businesses who sell learning inspired products to busy mums, which provide educational pathways to school readiness and beyond for toddlers to pre-teens.

Our community values a fun, creative approach to learning, whilst building memorable connections together with their children.

How will shipping fees be set?

The vendor will be required to set shipping fees at the time of uploading products to the Creative Mum Life marketplace. The vendor can either – set a special capped price, or set free shipping and add the shipping cost to the product price.

How will the vendor know when a sale is made so orders can be fulfilled?

The vendor will receive an email via the email address supplied to Creative Mum Life.

How will sales be deposited into vendor’s accounts?

Funds will be deposited via Stripe Connect, a secure payment platform providing automatic payments, when a sale is made.

Are there any other fees associated with being part of the Creative Mum Life Marketplace? (ie. monthly fees)

No, just the flat commission rate of the sale value (excluding shipping fees)

What is the returns, refunds and exchanges policy for customers?

The Creative Mum Life marketplace honours the returns, refunds and exchanges policy as defined by each of the vendors. Information regarding returns, refunds and exchanges must be specified in descriptions for each product. Once an order has been confirmed customers are unable to make changes or cancel the order. If they have made a mistake the customer is welcome to email Creative Mum Life and we will attempt to intercept the order. If this is not possible, on receipt of their order the customer will need to instigate the return process with the vendor.

No lock-in contract

There are no lock-in contracts, however, Creative Mum Life reserves the right to change this in the future. Any future changes to this policy will be advised in writing, with a notice period of three months.

What happens when a refund is issued? Will the commission be credited back to the vendor?

If there is no sale or a refund was issued, Creative Mum Life would not be paid any commission. A refund would be provided back to the vendor.

Let’s talk money

Because it’s time to get your products working for you 

Joining our inspired shop includes:

  • Unlimited number of products
  • Social media promotion
  • Collaboration opportunities with like-minded businesses
  • Increased brand awareness with a stream of new customers
  • Regular business tips
  • Support from Nicole, every step of the way

All this for just a $20 listing fee^ and 15% commission per sale!

Step 1. Sign up by paying the listing fee

Step 2. Register your business on the Creative Mum Life Marketplace

Step 3. Add products – and you’re live!

^per vendor, per year

Got questions? I’m happy to help.

Who is this creative mama?

I’m a cake lover, a coffee drinker who gets excited by the sparkle of glitter!

I’m Nicole, a Teacher’s Aide and founder of Creative Mum Life.

My mission is to partner with businesses and provide marketing opportunities, so we can grow your brand together, and help thousands of mums along the way.

“Being a mature woman new to business and digital marketing, I found Nicole’s expertise invaluable. She has been very attentive to helping me set up my products in her shop, especially with finding the best language to reach the mums who are hoping to help their children who struggle to learn. I thoroughly recommend Creative Mum Life for anyone who sells a product or service to other mums”.

Monique Peters

Brain Wise Learning

Do you want access to an engaged community of mums looking for exactly what it is you sell?

Let’s help mums make those important decisions and buy all YOUR things.

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