Mother’s Day is a special day that mother’s and grandmother’s all over the world look forward to. It is a time to celebrate the amazing things that they do for us and our children every single day.

Most of the time they are not asked to help or to do things – yet they just do! As mother’s ourselves it is a day where we can spend with our children, have fun and make happy memories for the future.

Mother’s Day is not a day about gifts but about love.

So if you do feel the need to give a gift for Mother’s Day to say thank you for all the things your mum or grandma does, then a gift made with love is a perfect idea.

A gift that the kids are able to put time, love and effort into and that they can present with a proud smile on their faces.

DIY presents don’t need to be expensive or difficult to create, however in most cases they may end up being messy, but totally fun! 


Here’s 5 Mother’s Day gifts, made with Love


Butterfly Hand Prints

Butterfly hand prints are a simple yet a lovely keepsake. The kids will love making these ones as it means being able to cover their hands in paint!

All you need to do is:

  • Paint both hands with kid friendly paint and have them place hand prints facing outwards from each other on a piece of paper 
  • Once dry, go around the outline with a black texta
  • Add in the body of the butterfly between the two hands
  • Add in a couple of feelers
  • Finish it off with a lovely handwritten message, and the butterfly is ready to go. 

TIP: Placing it in a frame makes for a perfect gift that can be hung and remembered for years to come.


Candle Jars

Another simple (and potentially messy) idea is painting candle jars. Not only is this fun but you can also take a moment to explain re-using products with the kids, by using an old jam jar for the project!

All you need to do is:

  • Use a sticker label to draw a heart shape, (cookie cutters make great stencils for this) cut it out and stick it on the side of the jar
  • Let the kids paint the outside of the jar using poster paints.
  • Once dry a little note can be attached around the rim
  • And a candle placed inside. 

The colours of the paint will light up when the candle is glowing.


Footprint Art

One that will probably bring a tear to the eye of the receiver, is a piece of art with the child’s foot prints. Again, the kids will love this one – who doesn’t love squishing their feet in some paint!

All you need to do is:

  • Paint a piece of flat canvas in pink
  • Place both of the child’s feet into some white paint
  • Place footprints facing slightly outwards from each other to make a ‘V’shape
  • Complete the other letters to make the word ‘Love’ using a paint brush
  • Once dry add a touch of glitter glue (love a bit of sparkle!)
  • Finish it off with some string tied into a bow.

TIP: Writing their name and age on the back means that Mum will be able to look back on the print in 10 years time and wonder where their babies have gone.


Egg Carton Flowers

Another great one for educating the kids about recycled art is this DIY pot of flowers. And the best bit is, they will never die!

All you need to do is:

  • Cut out the cups of the egg carton
  • Let the kids go wild with painting them as colourful as they like
  • Once dry, make a small hole at the bottom of each cup
  • Insert a pipe cleaner into the hole of each cup to make the stem
  • Place some playdoh inside the pot
  • Stick the stems into the playdoh and allow it to dry hard setting the stems in place.


Bunch of Flowers Mother’s Day Card

I’m sure us mothers can all agree, that the best cards ever to receive are the ones made with love from our children!

All you need to do is:

  • Paint one hand with kid friendly green paint and have them place hand print on the front of the card (the fingers act as the stems of the flowers)
  • Set up a tray with layers of paint colours
  • Using a section of onion, instruct the kids to dip the curved edge into the paint and stamp it on the finger tips, making colourful flower petals.

Finish it off with a lovely handwritten message.

Mother’s Day should be a day of celebration and acknowledgement of all the things they do for us.

How are you going to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Nicole is a mum of two girls aged 5 and 3, made to order cook, cleaner, crafts organiser and family budget manager. In between cups of coffee, you will usually find her assisting a toddler with the toilet, cleaning food scraps off the floor and basically trying to keep her mini-me’s alive. She knows all too well that if you don’t keep them busy they will find their own busy-ness, by doing something mischievous!

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