Mindfulness Colouring Cards with Affirmations ~ 47 double sided cards with affirmations and intricate colouring

by Kylie Johnson Art


Suitable for ALL ages and a perfect “Screen Free solution”.

47 double sided cards with affirmations and intricate colouring.

Card size: 9 x 12.5cm



This portable little deck of colouring cards not only helps children to practice a “mindfulness activity” and feel a sense of calm, but also at the same time they can absorb positive affirmations that bring hope and self-worth.

Kids also love to colour these cards to give as gifts to their friends.

Parents can place a surprise card in lunch boxes or a bedside to remind children they are loved.

Colouring helps to calm the mind and brings peace into any household.  It is proven that practising any mindfulness activity such as colouring, assists with stress, anxiety and depression.

Kylies matching 104 page colouring book is endorsed by psychologist and health practitioners for assisting mental health and well being.


Kylie Johnson Art

My passion and purpose evolved into designing creative resources to assist all ages Mental health and wellbeing.

I have specifically created these resources for parents, grandparents and educators to share special moments with children. These resources can be used as tools to teach children resilience, mindfulness and a positive mindset earlier on in life.