Morning & Bed Time Routine Charts – 2 printable charts to help motivate your kids to take on their responsibilities

by Creative Mum Life


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Using routine charts will help take the stress and chaos out of the busiest times of the day. Use the morning routine chart to help the kids get ready for school in the mornings, without you having to nag them continuously each day.

Bedtime can be a stressful time of the day for the whole family, with tired young ones throwing tantrums or just plain refusing to go to bed. It doesn’t have to be that way; using my routine charts will save your sanity and will also teach your children skills that will make them responsible and accountable young adults.


Organising children can be like running your own zoo. Mornings consist of yelling, barking orders, yelling some more, getting yelled at yourself and praying that everyone has brushed their teeth!

Evenings are not any better (does anybody else’s children almost die of starvation just before bed?).

Children thrive on routine and value a sense of achievement. Therefore, if you are consistent enough their organisation will soon become their new habit.

My Routine Charts have been designed to quickly and easily show completion of tasks, with the fold-over tick boxes. Avoiding the need for marking ticks with a pen and daily removal. Instead, the use of Velcro sticky dots allow for ticking and unticking with ease.

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