Ready to Read – 1 month online course for 4-8 year olds building core literacy skills

by Brain Wise Learning


Give your 4 – 8 year old the best start to reading by strengthening language skills like phonemic awareness before they start learning to read.

The Ready to Read program also strengthens cognitive skills such as auditory and visual memory, pattern recognition, visual attention and following one-step directions.

Available in Australia only.  Offer expires 29 February 2020


Prevent spelling and reading problems before they happen.


Available in Australia only.

Supporting your preschooler’s language development will provide them with the best possible start to reading, and their future educational journey.

There are 44 sounds of the English language which help distinguish letters, words and meaning. You can view the 44 sounds here.

Children who struggle to hear the difference will have trouble matching sounds to letters causing spelling and reading problems.  They may also find it difficult to follow instructions, pay attention and learn new words, resulting in them falling behind and losing confidence socially and academically.

Ready to Read is a one-month online program, completed in the comfort of your own home together with your child.  Designed to strengthen their English language skills and provide them with the best possible start to reading. It is evidence-based and used by speech pathologists worldwide.

If your child is aged 4 – 8 years and is struggling with reading, you are noticing the gap is beginning to widen between them and their peers, then this program will help develop phonemic awareness, memory, visual spacing, listening skills and a love of reading.

A commitment to at least 30 minutes, 5 days per week is required to get the best benefits

Once payment is made, you will receive an enrolment form and complete instructions via email.

Terms and conditions apply as follows:

  1. The Ready to Read program is only available in Australia.
  2. The Client understands that their expectations of outcomes from doing the Ready to Read program takes into account the constraints that impact the effectiveness of the Program (see point 13).
  3. The subscription is for a continuous month’s usage and may not be paused during the subscription period, unless agreed by Brain Wise Learning and confirmed by email.
  4. Most students will complete the program within the month, however, there are exceptions, as the program adapts to each user. Therefore, additional time may be required to complete the program and any cost will be in proportion to the subscription fee. Your support specialist will advise in this regard.
  5. For the best possible outcome, the Client agrees to use the Program in accordance with the protocols advised by Brain Wise Learning. Additionally, for parent/s or guardian/s working with children, you are responsible for ensuring compliance and that all exercises presented each day are completed.  Results depend on the minimum protocol of 30 minutes, 5 days per week.
  6. While there is much scientifically based evidence for the effectiveness of the program, Brain Wise Learning does not warrant any particular outcome or result, as individual brains differ. Please see point 13 – Considerations that may impact the effectiveness of the Programs.
  7. Brain Wise Learning will provide technical support relating to the program, but will not be responsible for the compatibility or performance of the Client’s computer, Internet and communication technology.
  8. The Client agrees not to copy, rent, lease, lend, licence, sub-licence, sell, export, assign, transfer or in any other way disseminate, reverse engineer, decompile, or create derivative works or adaptations of the Programs.
  9. We will fully refund your money if you are not satisfied after using the program for 2 weeks conditional that you must have complied with the minimum protocol of 30 minutes, 5 days per week.
  10. Brain Wise Learning will not make any refund or any part of the payment received for the program – after the initial 14-day period – except if the Client is prevented from doing the exercises for an extended period due to a technical fault in the software of the program.
  11. The amount of any refund will be at the sole discretion of Brain Wise Learning and an administration fee of $50 may be deducted.
  12. The program must be commenced within two weeks of purchase unless otherwise agreed to by Brain Wise Learning (with email confirmation).
  13. Considerations that may impact the effectiveness of the program:
  • Internet – The Client must have a fast, reliable internet connection.
  • Ability to use a mouse – The student must be capable of using the mouse.
  • Autism– depending on where the student is on the spectrum, progress may be slow or limited
  • Age/Ability – Due to the young age and ability of students using this program, it is best to remain with them and not leave them unsupervised.
  • Cerebral Palsy– progress may be limited or slow due to physical restraints
  • Colour Blindness– Several exercises rely on colour differentiation
  • Developmental delay or intellectual impairment– progress may be limited or slow
  • Down Syndrome– progress may be limited or slow
  • Dyspraxia– the Program will not help with the motor planning of Dyspraxia but may be of use in addressing language development
  • Hearing impairment– some users with hearing impairment may need an FM loop as the program requires The Client to be able to hear auditory stimuli
  • Sight impairment– the Program relies on viewing a computer screen.


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We understand the challenge of a struggling learner from the parent's point of view. The worry, the extra work, trying to be positive for their sake. But the latest brain research and technology is shaking things up. And improving cognitive skills like auditory memory and sequencing, can be done at home, conveniently, on the internet.