Super Power Affirmation Card Deck ~ 40 Super Power cards designed to bring awareness to our qualities that come from within

by Kylie Johnson Art


  1. Pick a surprise card each day for yourself, or with friends and loved ones.  Sometimes we magically pick the card that resonates with us on that day!  This can be a gentle reminder to focus on using that one more often.  Keep this card with you and repeat it out loud several times until you feel each word to be true. Watch your mood and energy rise.
  2. Surprise your loved ones by placing one in lunch boxes or place one in a surprise spot such as a bedside.
  3. Pull a card each morning together and discuss again at meal time with kids. Create a lovely family ritual.
  4. Place your favourite cards around your home as gentle reminders to feel hopeful and confident.
  5. Try out a Super Power on a buddy or family member each day. Journal their responses and how that made you FEEL?
  6. Divide the 40 super power cards into 3 groups: Praise qualities/strengths.  Nurture weaknesses.  Tap into the hidden powers perhaps you didn’t know you had.
  7. Practice having a Growth Mindset with helpful & encouraging words such as:    I am… I can… I will…
  8. Try our NEW Lesson plans to match each super power card. Create your own Cards and practise a growth mindset.



Use these cards to share special moments with children.  Empowering our next generation with the right life skill-set and a positive mindset earlier on in life is key.


40 Super Power cards –  designed to bring awareness to our qualities that come from within.  Better known as our “Super Powers” or our “Strengths”.  Each Super Power Strength card includes positive words to encourage a Growth Mindset language such as  “I am.. I can… I will”.  All cards include a positive self-talk around our powers such as Gratitude, Kindness, forgiveness, self-love to name a few.

Use this card deck as a personal, family or classroom daily ritual.  Making it fun by shuffling the cards then fanning them out face down.  Be open to the one that you have chosen. This card is highlighting a strength for you to focus on…. and often presents as a gentle reminder to something we needed to hear that day.  This daily ritual can be used as a reminder to yourself or as a tool to start conversations around life skills with children.

Warning:  These Super Powers can be contagious!  WHAT YOU GIVE – YOU GENERALLY GET BACK!  With practise using these life skills you begin to notice positive responses around you which attracts more abundance into your life.  With Bullying and unkindness impacting so many school children along with the repercussions of social media, these cards will help ignite feelings of confidence, hope, self-belief and gratitude which is proven to increase a healthier self-esteem.

Card size (Size 9 x 12.5cm).

Kylie Johnson Art

My passion and purpose evolved into designing creative resources to assist all ages Mental health and wellbeing.

I have specifically created these resources for parents, grandparents and educators to share special moments with children. These resources can be used as tools to teach children resilience, mindfulness and a positive mindset earlier on in life.