Welcome to Creative Mum Life! I am so glad that you found our little corner of the internet, and I can’t wait to show you around.

Creative Mum Life is a collection of brands and inspired educational products building pathways to school readiness and beyond, for creative little learners.

I am a mum of two young girls, and know better than anyone that if you don’t keep them busy they will find their own busy-ness, by doing something mischievous!

So, unless you want your children painting the walls and each other with your not-so-cheap face cream, then coming up with your own ideas for activities first would be a good idea.

Most of the time parenting is just trying to be one step ahead of them really, isn’t it? (as well as not letting them see the fear in your eyes??)

I love getting creative and coming up with new ideas for my girls, not just because it stops them from getting into my ensuite, but because it’s actually a lot of fun!


Why Creative Mum Life is an awesome parenting resource

Playing for young children is their ‘job’, it is the most important thing then can do.

So much learning, growing and development comes from a child’s early years, long before you are even thinking about which school to send them to.

It is so important to help and guide your kids at this time, both to boost their learning but also so they think of you as a role model and support for them.

When kids know that they are important to you and that they can come to you, this builds a powerful foundation for later years, such as when they are teenagers.

Plus watching your kids as they learn, play and grow is incredibly fun! These are the gorgeous times that you want to make the most of now, because it all passes by so fast.


What can you find here?

  • Craft, art, active and imaginative play, cooking dress-ups and so much more.
  • Fun indoors and outside, as well as things to do locally when you just need to get out of the house.
  • Party planning ideas.
  • Something for every parent, grandparent or carer of little busy ones to keep them occupied all day long, and on school holidays!


Budget-friendly hacks

I believe every child should have access to a variety of fun activities in their little lives, to encourage learning, as well as social, physical, and cogitative development.

So here, I will show you different ways to do this on a tight family budget.

This may sound slightly weird, but I love finding ways to save money, and make extra money where I can. Even better if they are around things that you would normally think were luxuries!


Easy family fun, without the stress-factor

Fun, relaxation and precious, quality time with your family doesn’t have to be compromised by all the stresses in your life.

Lack of time, money and energy are three of the biggest reasons why we don’t plan a variety of activities for our family to enjoy together.

With our simple services, tips and products you can, not only, create moments for you and your kids that will give you lovely warm fuzzy feelings right now, but will also create life long memories.


Who am I

I live with my husband and two girls, aged 5 1/2 and 3 1/2. My girls are confident, busy, love to learn, and are a little bit cheeky!

They are my inspiration for Creative Mum Life!

I have always enjoyed being a creative person; I love being able to create with my kids and get into activities with them that provide fun learning experiences and lasting memories.

Travel is something I did a lot of prior to becoming a mum. I love the feeling of being totally emerged in a wonderful new cultural experience.

Being able to create this same feeling of finding exciting new experiences when I spend time with my children, is so rewarding.

Their enthusiasm and constant learning make everything unique and new. Even the simplest of activities can craft unforgettable moments together of joy, laughter and love.

Who wouldn’t want to feel that every day?

My background is in Travel and Tourism and Business, and I am now a qualified Teacher’s Aide.

Something lovely and unexpected happened to me after having my babies, and I became a slightly different person, with a different career focus that flowed naturally from my new role as a mother.

I wanted to be my own boss and be there for my kids when needed.

The colourful combination of my background has blended together to become Creative Mum Life, and I couldn’t be happier!


Explore Creative Mum Life and uncover something wonderful

Creative Mum Life is a place for mums, grandparents and carers to source fun activities for their little ones with budget friendly hacks.

My goal is to try and fill this need for mums; by finding things to do with their kids (especially during the holidays!)

I wanted to provide a variety of options in a one-stop-shop that were easy to do, always fun and won’t send parents broke.

So, have a wonder around our website and see what you think!

If you see things you like, try them out, and when you have a great time, come back and let us know. Post pics of your family fun!

And if you see anything missing that you would like more of in here, then definitely let us know that too!

Nicole xx

Nicole is a mum of two girls aged 5 and 3, made to order cook, cleaner, crafts organiser and family budget manager. In between cups of coffee, you will usually find her assisting a toddler with the toilet, cleaning food scraps off the floor and basically trying to keep her mini-me’s alive. She knows all too well that if you don’t keep them busy they will find their own busy-ness, by doing something mischievous!

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